Executive Search is the fastest and most effective method of acquiring the best and highly qualified manager for higher level of management, who will be able to meet the challenges and requirements for an organisation.


We support our Customers in such a difficult and complicated process of acquiring the best leaders from the market, who have suitable experience and managerial competences. In today’s, fast changing world, which is based on modern technologies, our customers need experiencd and competent leaders, who are able to create a vision of development who inspire empoyees to exceed  your expectations. Today’s leader have to have the ability to unite around one vision and goals through different generations on the labour market and who often have different expectations about life and work.


Our experienced consultants perfectly understand this type of leadership and with remarkable effectiveness are able to:

  • Understand the issues to solve and the requirements to meet for the branch of our customer’s company
  • To identify the different types of the organisational culture, to match a suitable candidate for organisation and its needs
  • To recognise the challenges and directions to take towards the development, mission and vision of a company
  • To invite the best candidates from a particular branch for the recruitment process, who are matching the development required by the organisation and who have suitable competences, to help the company grow in the right direction
  • To evaluate a style of leadership, motivating factors, competences, personality etc.


  • Dynamic communication with client at every stage of the ongoing process, including reporting minimum once a week about executed work
  • Effective management of a recruitment process with keeping the highest quality and profesionalism
  • Individual approach to every customer – solution to match the organisation’s needs and requirements
  • Reliable diagnosis of managerial competencies of the candidate as an answer to the individual customer requirements (leadership, other)
  • Professional care about candidate during full process of recruitment, which includes keeping the candidate updated about his situation at every stage of the process, giving feedback after the tests are done (FACET5 and others), advising about the strategic activities on the labour market.




Identification of the customer needs and preparation of the strategy of actions

From the first meeting with a customer, we build a model of partnership and cooperation – we are learning about your organisation, its mission, vision, organisational culture, shareholders, strategy and directions of development. We try to understand the structure, challenges and tasks of wanted candidate in the context of the organisation goals, as well as the requirements to be met about the experience and competencies of a candidate. If there is a particular need, we are working on those elements together with our client – it depends mainly on the level of the organisation’s development, strategic and business goals. We also decide with our customer about the way of communication in the project.

Job discription and profile of a candidate is created based on current the situation in the organisation of our customer, its stragegy, organisational culture, business goals and challenges and managerial competences defined with the customer. After the collection and analysis of the data, we prepare  anattractive job offer for candidates including a description of the organisation, the business challenges and possibilities of development.




Work of research department

Our consultants and researchers define with our customer the area and scope of search after they made the analysis of a particular branch, market and simillar branches. A report of the research is then sent to our customer.

Interviews/ test of competences

The next stage is to establish potential candidates. When they are matching our key requirements and are interested in taking part in taking part in therecruitment process – they get an invitation for an interview. Our consultant is using competence interview techniques and conducting an interview to check the candidate’s managerial competences. Experienced consultants evaluate the candidate’s qualifications, personality, experience, professional achievements and motivation to take on the challenge offered by the client. Depending on the needs and requirements of our customer, we include the tests and international psychometric tools to this process.

Meetings with our clients

Candidates matching our customer’s requirements are given an appoitment with our client. After every meeting, we collect and pass on feedback from both sides, monitoring at all the times the level of common interest.




Checking references

Working in harmony with our professional ethics and the respect of the privacy policy and current law, we conduct a process of checking the candidate’s references. We cross check the references of each candidate very carefully. At the end, we write a report based on the gained informations, and forward to our client.


When our client is decided to give a job offer, we support a process of negotiations about the conditions of employment. Both clients and candidates can use our experience and extensive knowledge about the level of wages, to offer a competetive and attractive package for the candidate. We are creating a win-win result.

ONBOARD PROCESS (on request of the client)

We support our client in the implementation of the leaders within the organisation, consisting of an efficient acquisition of responsibilities and gaining a fast productivity in new the work environment. Onboarding process for key managers who came from another branche or company, people who got rceived a promotion inside a company or leaders transfered from another country or division.

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