We are partners with HR High Touch only distributor of international psychometric tool FACET 5, which is testing the professional persionality of employees. We are the only distributor in the Tricity area. We implement this tool in companies. Companies are able to get higher effectivness of their teams and the whole organisation.

In connection to this, we are able to:

  • Organise the accredited training for employees of your company and help implementing tools within the organisation .
  • Conduct an audit research of employees of a company with a feedback session, as an external, accreditated consultancy firm.


Psychological and psychometric tests in business

The effective recruitment of employees is connected with acquiring informations about various features of a candidate. Based on those informations, we can assume on which level the candidate is matching the company.s requirements about a particular position, how the candidate will function in various conditions, and find out about his strenghts and weaknesses, on which he should work on. It is made to create a development initiative for a candidate.


FACET5 is a psychometric tool dedicated for business. The test was created by the British Psychological Society on the basis of the theory of personalities named as Big Five, which is considered and currently used as a fundanental part to understand specific differences between people. The questionaire is focused on the behaviours in the professional environment. FACET5’s system describes five fundamental traits of personality: emotions, energy, will, honesty and self-control. Every trait is devided into two to three detailed aspects.

Benefits of FACET5:

  • A whole picture of the professional personality of a tested employee.
  • Defining strenghts and risk areas of the tested person, and her/his preferences about a job, motivators and stress factors.
  • Fitting the right person to the requirements of a work place.
  • Possibility to create a development area for leaders and identify and make a segnementation of talents.
  • Using it in the culture and change of management inan organisation.
  • Defining effective ways of managing a particular person, ways of functioning as a leader and as a team
  • Improvement of the effectiveness of work for a team and communication between all members of an organisation.

WERK – Leadership Styles Inventory

Leadership style is a relatively permament way of behaving in case of managing a team effectively. It is connected with attitutes and competences and can be observed in the behaviour of a person. Leadership Styles Inventory describes four styles of leading people: economist, captain, revolutionist and emcee. Depending on which style is represented by the employee, we can differenciate four suitable managerial orientations: on procedures, on tasks, on ideas and on people.

Benefits of WERK Inventory:

  • Identifying styles of leadership
  • Verifying, if the style prefered by the candidate or employee is conherent with the requirements of a particular position
  • Indirect dedicating a way of behaviour when a person faces particular challenges in an organisation
  • Determining which organisation culture will be shaped by a particular person as a leader or a manager (considering her/his predispositions)
  • Determining the desired competences development areas of managers..

LMI – Achievement Motivation inventory (Leistungsmotivationsinventar)

AThe ahievement motivation is a key indicator completing tasks effectively and pursue an aim. Showing the reasons which are the motivations for a particular person to take an action and direction of that action. Allows to define intensity, and perservance of a particular person to pursue a goal. Achievement Motivation is particulary important in situations when there is the need to make deicisions independly, lead others, anticipate, plan and organise a time and manage human resources.

The Achievement Motivation Inventory measures the achievement of motivation considering its 17 components, for example: flexibility, autonomy, engagement, difficult tasks preference, faith in success, orientation for goals, focus on competition, perseverance and others.

Benefits of Achievement Motivation Inventory:

  • Getting a detailed picture about the achievement motivation of a tested person
  • Choosing suitable people for a specific type of tasks
  • Forecast of a development and professional promotion
  • Choosing the suitable person with the requirements for a particular work place


PROKOS – Social Competencies Profile

Social competencies are multi-faced skills, which are gained during the social training. They are key competencies to decide how effective is a particular person managing different types of social situations.

PROKOS questionasre measures the social competencies in a general manner, and points out distinguished skills, assertive competencies, cooperation competencies, social resourcefulness and social competencies.

Benefits of using the Social Competencies Profile:

  • Finding employees with high social competencies, which are necessary to work effectively in jobs related to the interraction with people
  • Pointing out areas, on which the tested person is very effective
  • Defining training needs
  • Diagnosis of problematic areas and designing activities to decrease them

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