People are the most important value in an organisation. This value differentiates companies from each other and is the main source to build own strenght and competitive advantage. Adequate human resources management is an essential condition to gain ambitious goal and build the stable position of a company in its market.

The development projects offered by our company are a field of action, which includes different types of systems and tools related to Human Resources Management. All services in this area, starting up with building an HR strategy, through designing specific solutions, up to its implementation, are based on in-depth analysis of the situation and diagnosis of the business needs. We create and offer sollutions customized for each situation and expectations by our clients. We also prepare managers and the HR department to implement those solutions.


We realise that the development is a necessary element for everyone’s career. We deal with work on competences, which are the area to develop, to improve the effectiveness of teams and organisation processes, by using customized sollutions, creating an analysis of the current situation of a company and current needs.


Rich proposal of offered development processed makes that we are able to deliver the optimum sollutions to our clients, also helping them to choose the best tools to evaluate, strengthen or develop particular aspects of a company.

Assessment center (AC) is a process, which lets us collect data about knowledge, skills and behaviours of candidates in standarised conditions. It is a multidimensional method. Many factors have an influence on its objectivism, f.ex. a variety of criterias (a whole set of competences is evaluated, described by particular behaviors), variety of tools (during the AC session, members take part in many tasks, exercises and simulations), multiplicity of marks (every competency is observed and evaluated in few other tasks) and multiplicity of observators (every participant is observed by a few experienced and trained assessors at the same time). It is the most efficient method for an accurate anticipation to match a person to a particular position. A well-conducted aAssesment Centre process allows to make optimal decisions about who should be given a job. Participant of an Assesment Centre gets a feedback, which allows him to be more aware of his competences, to have more accurate self-evaluation and to build his future career based on his strenghts. Every Assessment Center session is projected individually for every job profile.


The Development Centre is a method of evaluation of competences and development capability of employees in case of current and future tasks, to plan a development patches and succession in the organisation. This method gives us an information about the knowledge, skills and behaviour of participants taking part in the Development Centre, and shows which ones are of an accurate level for holding position. It shows the area of development which is best to focus on, and finally shows if a possibility of a promotion to a higher position is possible.


The results at the Development Centre are discussed with the direct supervisor of the members of a DC process and with the management of our client’s company in the case we have to show the most effective methods of work and possibilities to develop in different areas of the competences for particular employees.


Members of the Development Center get a feedback during the individual session and every employee gets the possibility to receive informations about his/her strenghts and weaknesses. Meanwhile, every employee has the opportunity to analyse their own development plans within the organisation, as part of a planned succession. Every Development Center session is projected individually for every job profile (current and tested).


360 Degree Feedback is the one of a methods of evaluation, consisting of analysis of informations about employees from few perspectives (from supervisor perspective, from inferior perspective, another people who are cooperating with particular person f.ex. customers or self-evaluation).

Process of evaluation starts with determining about competences, which will be taken as a criteria in the process of evaluation, choosing the people who will be evaluated and who will make evaluation. After collecting the needed data, reports are created. After that, thecompany gives da etailed feedback about how a particular person is percieved in such organisation, underlining the assets of a person and showing the suggested direction of development.


Coaching is a development process oriented towards supporting a client (participant of coaching process) in defining and realising goals. In the coaching process, the client creates effective solutions and strategies of action to make decisions. Participants can identifily their own specific competences and have the opportunity to choose and develop those skills which ensures him the effectiveness and success in action.

The coach is not making any actions for his customer, similarly to sport coach – he becomes a guide, who provides the nessesary tools, supports on gaining new skills and helps in developing supporting values and crossing the limiting convictions. The aim of coaching is getting results in collaboration witha  coach in defined area, to give directions and acceleration of the pace of development,. Thanks to that, it raises the effectiveness and satisfaction from work.


The Human Performance Improvement (HPI) is a model which describes issues connected to raising an effectiveness of employees. It helps to identify ineffective areas and focuses on  theactivities, which helps to increase the efficiency of a company in the fastest way.


The description of the Job Position is a document, in which the base is to conduct all activities related to Human Resources Management in a company, in an effective way. The right descriptions of a position shows the precise requirements which future candidates need to match. It involves goals, responsibilities, qualifications and needed skills. After some time, the scope of responsibilities changes, which is why it is good to verify and change them once a year. Based on the records described we can comprehensively and effectively impact our employees in a positive way, evaluate their work, and monitor their performances and responsibilities, and effectively execute results at work.


Competency models are sets of the most important competences and values, which reflect on the culture of an organisation and are at the same time a starting point for creating a development plans, recruiting criteria and employees evaluation.

Preparing a model are both focused on the business goals of a company, values and rules of behaviour, which specifies a way of functioning within a company.

A well prepared competency model is an irreplaceable tool in human resources management. It gives the ability to a company to realise their business goals more effectively thanks to the right choice of employees for particular positions. It is focused on organising effective trainings and use potential employees in the most optimal way. It is also helpful for motivating employees and the evulation of their work.


Audit of competences let us verify our skills and the potential of the management board in company on different organisational level. Prepared recommendations allow to show off the weak points and start a work to improve them.


Employee Evaluation System its a formal method of a job evaluation and engagement of the employees. The evaluation involves quantitative  and qualitative indicators of te functioning of the employees in a company and the concrete scores gained by them. The evaluation is sometimes connected with MBO and/or the management by competencies. We help our customers to define key assumptions of the evaluation system, prepare the nessesary documents and instructions, prepare an internal communication process about the goals and assumptions of the system, train the people who are evaluated and who are responsible for evaluating, in the way that the implementation brings the expected effects. After the implementation of the employee’s evaluation system, we monitore its functioning, effectiveness and enhance the motivational and developmental aspects of the system.


Our offer in range of development project always includes:

  • Acquiring informations about the structure of your company, organisational culture, mission, vision, values and business goals.
  • Defining rules of communication within your company during the realisation of the development of the project.
  • Conducting a diagnosis about the current situation and current needs, using suitable business and psychometric tools,
  • Setting goals together and the time frame of the project.
  • Follow-up after the finished project.


Benefits for Customer:

  • Getting the complex picture of an organisation, group, employee.
  •  Finding strengths, which allows to use own sources in a more efficient way.
  • Getting the knowledge about athe reas to develop with possible causes and ways to act,,
  • Designing actions adjusted to the client’s organisation.
  • Current monitoring of progress and adequate reacting, to reach the intended level of goal’s realisation.

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