We suport our customers with our expert knowledge and international experience by the implementation of advanced solutions in the area of human resource management, espiecially in area of recruitment. Passion and engagement, which we put in every projects are the key to our success.





We create long-term partnership cooperations with our clients to reach our common business goals, developing and improving their companies and concurrently, our own organisation.



We are constantly exceeding our customers’ and candidates’ expectations, following our rule of ethics and high standards at every stage of our project.


Passion and motivation

We are enthusiasts who are willing to improve sollutions in the Human Resources area, to match our customers needs and develop their organisations.



Trust is at the core foundation of our company, as it is the basis of our relationsip with our partners and customers. You can trust us with keeping our promisses and your data safe at all times.



We match our sollution to the customers’ needs, keeping the highest standards and quality of our services.




We work in the field of Human Resources Management. We ensure the highest level of professionalism to our customers. We are strongly guided by our ethics, which directly increases our credibility and the standards of our business which generates better decision making in the company.

Confidentiality and discretion – we guarantee full confidentiality and discretion and safety of personal data given to us by the candidates. We use this data for the purposes of ongoing recruitment projects. We do not pass personal data to the third parties. We deliver the necessary data connected with recruitment processes, except confidential data.

Safety – We keep CV’s of our candidates in our safe base of candidates of HR SOLUTIONS. Job profiles of the candidates are included in our database only if a candidate agrees upon it – according to the current regulations of the law. We pay a strict attention to keeping the confidentiality of the data of our candidates as it is our responsibility.


Communication and help –  when we are responsible for the recruitment process, we make sure that we keep our clients updated about the progess of the project, except for the data which is marked as confidential. We are ready to help and support your company at every stage of the recruitment’s project.


Flexibility –  We provide time flexibility and the possibility to match up to customers’ requirements and needs.

Consulting – our activities are based on fundamental knowledge, modern methods of work and longstanding experience. Changing a place of work is an improtant life decision. Our aim is to make sure that our cooperation runs smoothly and brings satisfation and benefits to every party engaged in the process.


Partnership –  we base our work on mutual trust and building long-term business relationship with our customers, supporting their activities in the processes connected with Human Resource Management, particularly, in acquiring suitable personnel. We guarantee the high quality at every stage of the project.


Knowledge and experience We are rich in experience concerning the labour market in Poland and in Europe, which is confirmed by the recommendations of our satisfied customers. We offer professional advice and support – during, before and after the recruitment process.

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