Our consultants, who are connected with the labour market and human resources management, are also invited to various medias as experts in the field.


Experts about labour market at Radio Gdańsk

Joanna Bojarska-Buchcic, Managing Partner of the company, joined the team of experts in the “People and money” program broadcasted on Radio Gdańsk. She participates in conversations about subjects amongst which the most important are connected to the labour market, wages, motivational systems and recruitment.

We kindly invite you to listen to a broadcast!    


Law Business Quality

Our company was awarded in a competition of the monthly business journal „Law Business Quality” – Diamonds of Female Business 2016 (pl.Diamenty Kobiecego Biznesu 2016), as a Worthy Trust Company.

Joanna Bojarska-Buchcic, CEO was awarded with the statuette Lioness of Business 2016” in a plebiscite of the monthly business journal Law Business Qualityfrom Warsaw.


The Book The Polish Lionesses of Business” („Polskie Lwice Biznesu”) edited by Ilona Adamska, Law Business Quality.

The newest book edited by Ilona Adamska, released by Law Business Quality, is a compilation of interviews with 50 unique women, who are a real inspiration to take action. Each of them shares their experiences, successes as well as failures. They show that the key to success is doing what you really love. Joanna Bojarska-Buchcic, CEO HR SOLUTIONS GROUP is one of those 50 women, who took a part in the interviews for this book.


Brand is a Woman (Marka jest Kobietą)

We kindly invite you to read an interview with Joanna Bojarska-Buchcic, CEO HR SOLUTIONS GROUP in Brand is a Woman („Marka jest Kobietą”) magazine.

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