Modern workspace, October 17

Modern workspace


October 17, 2017


Nowadays there is one main demand from workspace – it has to stimulate and support creative thinking. Why? Because it can’t be done by any machine. Secondly creativity is a perfect tool adjusted to present direction towards innovative, flexible and interdisciplinary solutions.

AmCham partners this time were Steelcase and Cushman&Wakefield. These companies shared with us their experience in building a workplace having great effect on efficiency. The thing is to activate a potential hidden in employees. They should have possibility to express their thoughts, spread knowledge, cooperate with colleagues responsible for different phases of work process. At the same time we need to force a little bit our bodies to move, just to change a point of view.

No more isolated offices, big staff room, whiteboards on walls, green plants – there are a lot of ideas to improve a workspace. Thank you Lisa Glassner (Steelcase expert) and Dominika Kowalska (Cushman&Wakefield expert) for your interesting presentations.

 An example of modern workspace built to activate creativity you can find here .


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